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BlueMax™ BMP

Category:Runway Snowplows
Market:Airport Equipment

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Wausau Blue Max™ is specifically designed for high-speed plowing on airport runways. High-quality materials provide exceptional toughness for today's high-horsepower chassis. Available in polyethylene or steel moldboard.


  • Polyethylene Moldboard
    Snow does not adhere to polyethylene. Provides superior casting characteristics in wet or icy snow.
  • Deep Moldboard Curvature
    Concentrates snow into a high velocity stream for maximum casting distances. Eliminates overspray for optimum operator vision
  • 120" Wide Frame
    Provides maximum strength, and long lift, fully-welded, box-section, channel and solid-steel construction.
  • 4-1/2" Reversing Cylinders
    Heavy-duty cylinders are adjustable for quick, positive angling.
  • 6 Isomer Cushions
    Protects plow, hitch and truck from damage when encountering obstacles.
  • Adjustable Moldboard Pitch - 65°, 75°, 85°
    Quick manual adjustment matches snow depth and density.
  • Choice of Cutting Edges
    Can be equipped with carbide, rubber, and polyurethane cutting edges.