Sourcewell (Formerly NJPA) Awarded Contract - #080114-WAS


Market:Airport Equipment
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  • Welded tubular and plate steel construction.
  • Two (2) 360° swivel adjustable, pneumatic, dual caster wheel assemblies.
  • Hitch is a parallel lifting type, consisting of two (2) parallel tubular push arms of 3" x 3" x 5/16" wall steel tubing so when the plow is carried in the raised position, and angled right or left, it remains level to the pavement.
  • Hydraulic double acting lift cylinder, 4" bore x 16-3/8" stroke, with a 2" diameter rod.
  • Four (4) heavy duty braces on top of the frame, which can adjust the cutting edge angle to positions of 65°, 75°, and 85°.
  • Mechanical transport locks take the weight of the plow off the hydraulic cylinder during transport and acts as a safety in the event of a hose failure during transport.
  • Once detached, the moldboard and push frame will rest on the ground, caster tires, and the cutting edge only.
  • No blocking is needed.