Sourcewell (Formerly NJPA) Awarded Contract - #080114-WAS
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WRO "Rollover"

Category:Runway Snowplows
Market:Airport Equipment
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Wausau’s Rollover Plow is uniquely desgned to make each pass a working pass in calm or strong wind conditions. Its 180° rotation allows for fast and efficient change over.


  • Continuous 180° Rotation. Effortless rotation when changing from one side to the other.
  • Full-Welded Support Braces. Continuous welds secure frame members fro added strength and reliability.
  • Standard Support Shoes. Four support shoes on each side keep weight evenly distributed during high-speed operation fro maximum cutting edge support.
  • Deep Moldboard Curvature. Concentrates snow into a high velocity stream for maximum casting distance and efficiency. Eliminates overspray for optimum operator vision.