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Slide-In Units

Slide-In Units
Tyler Ice
Market:Airport Equipment

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  • Tank sizes available from 250 - 3,000 gallons
  • Built-in drop down storage legs
  • Engine packages available from 5.5 hp to 18 hp - gas or diesel
  • Liquid pumps available from 70 - 300 GPM
  • Fits easily into any dump body or flatbed
  • Nozzle systems available to fit your spraying needs  -  fan, streamer, select-a-spray or variable orifice
  • Self-Contained power unit and pump applies the de-icing fluid
  • Three-section spray boom enables the operator to spray from 10 ft. to 50 ft.
  • In case of contact with an obstruction the booms will break away so no damage occurs to the boom or obstruction
  • In transport position the booms are still capable of spraying the roadways
  • Automatic rate control system
  • Nine settings allow the operator to select the desired rate
  • Regardless of vehicle speed, once rate is set the control will automatically maintain the selected rate
  • Pump station is capable of self-load/unload and spray functions


  • Boom widths of 75’, 50’ or shorter widths.  Boom-less spray system also available on these models
  • Hose reel  - high volume/low pressure
  • Wireless manual controls available